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  • Free Resources for Dog Guardians
    Resources should be available to the public Below is a list of free resources that have helped clients in theContinue reading “Free Resources for Dog Guardians”
  • Socialization: What Does It Really Mean?
    I come across a lot of dog owners who want to socialize their dog. Usually what they think that means is meeting another dog and they will take them to the dog park. Socialization is so much more than meeting other dogs, though! It means getting your dog…

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  • A Dog’s Tail Wagging Means It is Happy, Right?
    As a trainer, I cannot tell you how many times I come into someone’s home and they tell me their dog doesn’t listen. I hate to break it to you, but your dog does not know spoken languages such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, etc. Yes, they may understand queues or commands that you have taught it through its life, but it does not understand you when you say, “Stop barking!” “Be quiet!” “Don’t jump on them!” or “Get in the house!”

    Dogs speak body language and every position your dog moves into is intentional…

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  • Walking Your Dog in Hot Weather
    Be careful and watch for signs that your dog is overheating! It is hard, because dogs are supposed to get a good amount of exercise daily and some people are unable to walk their dogs bright and early in the morning or later in the evening.

    Dogs overheat easily and some dog breeds overheat faster than others due to…

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  • Scent Walks? What Are They? How Do They Benefit My Dog?
    Leash walking: what does it mean to you? There are many things I hear, but most of all I hear, “I want my dog to stop pulling.” I have also heard, “I haven’t walked my dog in almost two years because I was worried they might pull me down or try to go after something.”

    First off, in my blogs I will be covering 3 different types of walking you can do with your dog…

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