First Things First

By registering an online account on this website, (henceforth: The Website), you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and that you will provide information necessary to create and maintain client records with Pawsitive Canine Services, LLC (henceforth: The Company).

What We Ask For and Why

The Company requires the following information:

Your Name

This is required and may be used for communication, accounting, ensuring that information is provided to the proper client via the Pawsitive Portal, and any other usage required by law.

Your Email Address

This is required in order to manage your Pawsitive Portal account and may be used by The Company in order to create and maintain client records and to send you communications about services for your dog.

Your Password

This is required to create a Pawsitive Portal account and is not visible to anyone else.

Your Address and Phone Number

These are required to create and maintain client records and may be used for the purpose of delivering services and sending account-related communications.

Dog Name and Breed

These are used to create and maintain client records and to deliver more targeted services.

Dog Birthday

This is used to create and maintain client records, to deliver more targeted services, and may be used to send annual communications.

Profile Picture

This is not required. Users are responsible for ensuring the image complies with all applicable laws and agree that they have full rights to upload the image. By uploading an image to the Pawsitive Portal, you allow The Company to use the image in any form for marketing purposes.

Managing Your Information

The Company does not share your information with any 3rd party for marketing purposes. Some information may be securely shared for analytics.

Your information will remain on file until the contract between you and The Company is fulfilled, except as required by law.

Pawsitive Portal Content

Any content distributed by The Company on The Website is provided for your personal use. It is proprietary and may not be distributed or shared in any way without the express consent of The Company.