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Are you stressed about your barking? Are you sick of your not not listening? Learn how to resolve every day frustrations and contact us today!

Pawsitive Canine Services offers in-home dog training sessions, as well as weekly group classes in Jacksonville, FL. In home training sessions are helpful for a range of different reasons such as:

  • Behavior related issues such as fear or aggression (Ex: biting, growling, lunging, etc)
  • Basic cues- sit, down, stay, recall, leave it, etc.
  • Management/Prevention
  • Leash walking skills
  • Get rid of jumping
  • Potty training
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Dog behavior education (Body language, development, enrichment, etc)

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New Clients: 1 Consult & 1 Training

Our Approach

Pawsitive Canine Services focuses on household solutions that fit the humans, dogs and other animals. All of us want to live a happy life with our animals without daily frustrations. Every dog, human and environment are different. We will ask questions to understand these three categories: Risk/Safety, Quality of Life (Human and Dog) and Resources (Time, Money and Environment). After that, based on these three categories, we will come up with a routine or plan to make sure we not only teach the humans to train their dog, but also fit it into your daily lifestyle.

In addition, a one size fits all approach has never worked. Why?! Because every dog and human are different. Above all, each human/dog have different motivators, physical/mental needs, physical/mental abilities, and many more things that make each one special. In short, we will take our years of experience and combine it with thousands invested into educationto be able to get to the root of the issue to solve it faster. Find out more about Amanda’s education/credentials HERE.

What to expect?

The date you book online will be your consultation. At the end of your consultation we will book your next training session. In the consultation we will cover:

  • Prevention/Manage Behaviors
  • Learn 1-3 new skills
  • Education on body language, behaviors, basics of training, and more for future success
  • Support through text and email (24 hours to respond)
  • Videos and handouts
  • Save time by getting routine/plan for future success that fits the human and dog.

Following your consultation, we will book your training session in 1-2 weeks. In your training session we will be covering:

  • Review progress
  • Discuss frustrating situations you have run into and ways to resolve
  • Practice (timing/technique) and add on more skills/cues

How Much?

  • 269.99 (Includes both Consult + Training)

Session Length?

  • 60-90 mins


  • Your home

Additional training sessions are $129 and can be booked online.

Group Classes

Pawsitive Canine Services classes are inclusive and spots are limited!

These group classes are not like your big box stores! It is important to us to give you and your dog the customized experience we feel every client deserves. Therefore our group classes will cover:

  • Learn up to 10 cues- sit, down, place, stay, wait, recall, leave it, etc.
  • Learn about dog play, leash greetings, socialization, etc.
  • How to work through distractions
  • Daily tips and tricks
  • Q&A anytime during class
  • 1-on-1 time with a certified trainer

Buy a 5 or 10 pack of classes. Soon after that, you will get a call/text from Amanda to discuss what classes would fit you best based on your needs. After that, come to the topic times/dates that fit you best. Therefore, you can focus on skills you want instead of wasting time on things you don’t want.

***During class dogs may or may not play during class; This is class dependent***

*** Above all, if you are concerned that your dog is aggressive these group classes are not for you and please book a private session***

How Much?

  • 199.99- 5pk- Mix/Match Group Classes
  • 398.99 – 10pk- Mix/Match Group Classes

Topics and Times? ( Every Saturday)

  • 9am – Puppy (Next class starts Feb. 26th)
  • 11am- Puppy (Next class starts Feb. 26th)
  • 1pm- Recall/Leash
  • 3pm- Touch Up’s (2x/Month)



Puppy (5 Months or younger)

  • Up to 10 Basic Cues (Sit, Recall, Down, Leave it, Drop It, Place, Wait, etc)
  • Education on dog development, body language and prevention.
  • Learn the basics of dog training (Luring, Fading reinforcement, etc)
  • Access to 40+ handouts for- potty training, leash skills, enrichment ideas, etc)


  • Stop the pulling
  • Leash handling skills
  • Leash Greetings (Humans/Dogs)
  • Stay safe in public
  • Recall with collar grab
  • Train through distractions
  • Learn basic dog training skills

Touch Up (current clients only)

After attending puppy class your dog will become an adolescent. Come to touch up classes to work through typical adolescent behaviors such as:

  • Calm around other dogs
  • Stop jumping
  • Counter Surfing
  • Problem solving by learning basics of training
  • Advanced leash skills

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