Dog Training Services


We proudly serve the greater Jacksonville, FL area for all your dog training needs! Pawsitive Canine Services offers dog training sessions in the form of Pawsitive Packs.

Are you a new client?

2-Pack of Jacksonville Dog Training
6-Pack of Jacksonville Dog Training

Start off with our 2-Pack of Private Sessions or jump in with a full 6-Pack!

Returning client?

1-Pack of Jacksonville Dog Training
6-Pack of Jacksonville Dog Training

Purchase a 1-Pack for a touch up session or a 6-Pack if you’re ready to dive in all the way with training!

Pawsitive Packs

A Pawsitive Pack is a single or bundle of private training sessions in which the following may be covered:

Puppy 101

Potty training, crate training, puppy nipping

Basic Cues

Sit, recall, lie down, etc

Basic to Advanced Leash Skills

Everything from walking to staying in the heel position


Jumping, excessive barking, chewing, etc


Anything related to stress, fear, or aggression

Private Sessions are offered in a 1-Pack (for existing clients only), 2-Pack, or 6-Pack. All sessions are approximately 90 minutes long and will be provided in the home or at a location best suited for training/behavior modification.

The first session can be scheduled below and, for 2-Packs and 6-Packs, following sessions will be scheduled by the trainer upon completion of the currently scheduled session.

For additional information about our Pawsitive Packs (including what to expect and things you should know in advance), please review our Service Policies.

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