Free Resources for Dog Guardians

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Resources should be available to the public

Below is a list of free resources that have helped clients in the past. In addition to these resources I will be coming out with free courses in January. They will be Fosters/Rescues, Introductions and Amanda’s Approach.

There is not a one size fits all approach to dog training

Above all, If you find these resources are not helping your situation, please do not keep googling and looking for advice on social media. Every human, dog and environment are different. On top of that, they all have different physical, mental and emotional needs. There is no one size fits all for dog training and behavior modification.

Find a qualified dog trainer

In other words, save yourself the time and headache by contacting a qualified dog trainer or behavior consultant to guide you. Here are a few sites that you can search for qualified/certified trainers in your area: CCPDT, IAABC, Karen Pryor Academy, Victoria Stillwell Academy and The Academy.

Here is a link to the services I offer. I do not work with separation anxiety, service dogs and/or protection dogs.

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It is okay to get a second opinion

Therefore, if your gut tells you this dog trainer is not right for you; Please consider getting a second opinion. I try not to take offense (I am human) if my clients want a second opinion, because it is unrealistic to think my personality and training style fits every person/dog/household.

In addition, I know I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me. My clients are encouraged to find a second opinion if they are feeling like we are not a match. In other words, I know what I know, but I hope to never think I know it all. I believe in humane dog training. Here is the position statement from Animal Veterinarian Society Animal Behavior.

List of resources below:

Animal Behavior Clinic-Jackpot of Resources

I am a huge fan of Dr. Christopher Pachel. Animal Behavior Clinic’s site has a ton of resources available from training, behavior, kids & dogs and resources for pet professionals. Click here for their site.

Aggressive Behaviors

Michael Shikashio is a world re-nouned aggressive expert. He has made an amazing resource available to dog owners for free. This site has free webinars, articles and podcast.

Body Language

Renee Erdman is the owner of Bravo Dog and she is a multi-credential behavior consultant and dog trainer. In my opinion, she is also one of the industry leading professionals. Bravo Dog has a ton of resources available on her website and Instagram pages.

Here is a link to their free body language course.


Saffrina Rice, CPDT-KA and owner of Off Track Dog Training has a free online puppy course and aromatherapy ebook available. She was a zoologist and she is passionate about separation anxiety (hence her SA Pro)

Children and Dogs

Family Paws Education is a tremendous resource that is available for parents. Tons of free education, Instagram posts and find some trainers who specialize in dogs/children.

How to break up a dog fight

Kerrie Hoar, M.S., CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT, FDM, Owner of Crimson Hound Training has a great YouTube video demonstrating how to break up a dog fight safely and without getting human hands involved.

How to break up a dog fight video

Videos, blog and a ton of other free resources

Jenny Enfimova, KPA-CPT, FF Training professionals and owner of Dog Minded has a ton of free resources available. For example there are enrichment ideas, training and dog essentials. Her blog is one of my favorites!

Nail Triming Resource

Katherin Davidson, CSAT, CTC, owner of Dog Inspired. She has free resources in her blog, including this nail trimming webinar. Katherine has a passion for puppies and has good information on her Instagram as well!


The Bitey End of the Dog

Bravo Dog Knowledge

Drinking From the Toilet

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