Walking Your Dog in Hot Weather

Walking Your Dog in Hot Weather

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Be careful and watch for signs that your dog is overheating! It is hard, because dogs are supposed to get a good amount of exercise daily and some people are unable to walk their dogs bright and early in the morning or later in the evening. 

Dogs overheat easily and some dog breeds overheat faster than others due to the length of their coat, the color of their coat may attract heat, thickness of their coat, short muzzles, short airways and nostrils (bulldogs, pugs, ect). Below are signs to look for, recommendations to keep your dog cool, and items to bring with you for a long walk.

Please note: I am not a veterinarian and if you suspect your dog is in danger, please seek medical attention for your dog at your veterinarian or an emergency vet nearby.

6 Signs of a Dog Having a Heat Stroke

  1. Bright red tongue and gums
  2. Excessive panting with thick/sticky drool
  3. Body temperature above normal temperature (104° and above)
  4. Weakness and disoriented
  5. Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  6. Increased pulse

Recommendations to Help Your Dog Beat the Heat

  • Let your dog rest in shaded area when needed on a walk or run
  • Let them walk in the grass; pavement, cement, and hot sand can cause blisters on your dog’s paw pads
  • Bring cool drinking water and a bowl for your dog
  • Bring a cooling towel or small towel to wipe water on ear folds, paw pads, neck and under pits
  • Walk them in the morning or evening when the temperatures are not as bad

What to Bring on Your Walk

Highwave Auto Dog Mug

Hiking/Outdoor Treat Pouch/Water Bottle/ Bowl

Cooling Towel/4 Pack





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