About Pawsitive Canine Services LLC

Welcome to Pawsitive Canine Services! The caring woman behind this high-quality dog training business is Amanda Lunsford, CPDT-KA. Amanda is a multi-certified dog trainer and behavior consultant in Jacksonville, FL where she has been operating since 2019. She grew up in Minnesota and started in a shelter environment at an early age. Her experience grew into a passion to help animals and humans – which has stayed with her ever since. Her mission is to share her knowledge, experience and skills to efficiently train your dog.

Amanda Lunsford, CPDT-KA, Jacksonville Dog Trainer with Applejack

A Message from Amanda 

I help humans and dogs live happily together. I believe dogs need their basic needs met before training is a priority. I am a strong advocate for humane training and handling of animals. You can read about why I hold these values close to my heart here.

What is CPDT-KA?

I am certified through CCPDT which is the leading international certification organization for dog trainers and behavior consultants. In order to pass a CPDT-KA exam you need to have a solid understanding of how dogs learn, ethology, development, and several hundreds of hours of dog training experience.

Does education matter?

I believe continued education is vital in the dog training industry. We require teachers, contractors, medical professionals and various other professionals to continue their education every year. Professional dog trainers are advising you what to do with your animal. Dogs have teeth and they have a huge impact on our daily lives. What us professional dog trainers tell you effects your life and your dogs life. At times, it may even save your relationship with your dog(s) or you may be taking some risky advice that can effect behaviors for the worst. I have made a commitment to educate myself every year. I have advanced education in:

  • Fear-Free training and handling to help with veterinarian visits
  • Canine Body Language because dogs do not speak human as a first language
  • Aggressive and fearful behaviors to keep dogs and humans safe
  • Consulting skills with humans because dogs are attached to humans with routines and needs.



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