About Amanda

Amanda Lunsford, CPDT-KA, grew up in Minnesota before moving to Jacksonville, FL. She has an extensive background helping puppies grow up to be well behaved dogs, helping rowdy dogs be more focused, and helping dogs with aggressive behaviors to live a normal life. She strives to give every one of her customers the most out of training sessions by not only explaining the training process, but helping owners better understand their canine loved ones. She is obsessed with learning about their development stages, cognitive abilities from puppies to senior dogs, behaviors the dogs display, and building the best training plan tailored perfectly for each family.

Amanda Lunsford, CPDT-KA, Jacksonville Dog Trainer with Applejack

Why credentials matter? 

Did you know dog training is not a regulated practice and anyone can say they are a professional dog trainer? It is important to look for credentials and education when choosing a dog trainer so you can ensure your dog is getting effective and efficient training and you won’t have to worry about being pointed in the wrong direction with ineffective advice or bad side effects down the road. 

What is CPDT-KA?

CPDT-KA is a worldwide accredited Dog Training Certification. It is an official certification that was created by many of the major dog organizations

Why does being CPDT-KA certified matter? 

Being CPDT-KA certified proves that an individual has the knowledge of science-based training methods to safely train your dog without any bad side effects that may appear later in life. We can efficiently train your dog because we are educated on all different types of training methods, the development of a dog life, and know which way is best to proceed – we understand what methods to use to train a new behavior or remove unwanted behaviors



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