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Pawsitive Canine Services is your local Jacksonville dog trainer and animal behavior consultant. We are multi-certified, educated, and experienced to ensure you and your dog are able to effectively communicate. Our dog training enables you to live your best lives together!

Pawsitive Canine Services relies on science-based training methods, and stays up to date with the latest research to ensure you are receiving the best information possible. We provide private training sessions in your home for one-on-one time. We also offer group classes for all ages and breeds to provide positive socialization.

Amanda Lunsford, owner of Pawsitive Canine Services


Pawsitive Canine Services provides behavior consulting and dog training services using evidence-based methods. We share our knowledge to effectively communicate with your dog to build a strong, trusting relationship from both ends of the leash.

Amanda Lunsford, CPDT-KA, Pawsitive Canine Services LLC

What do we offer?

Pawsitive Canine Services offers dog training for all ages and breeds. This can be in the form of private sessions in your home, virtual sessions via Zoom, or in group classes.

Private sessions last anywhere from 60-90 minutes, and new clients must book 1 consultation in addition to a training session. In the consultation we learn everything about your household and your dog. Every situation has different levels of available resources, needs, and wants. We will give you a simple training plan that is accessible, simple, and fits you best. You will have the support in between sessions to ensure future training success. In the second training session we will review and add on more skills for success. You will learn about what drives your dog’s behavior.

Group classes last for 1 hour each Saturday morning. All appointments are scheduled online for your convenience.

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How are we different?

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Pawsitive Canine Services uses a scientifically-proven approach. This approach is based on positive reinforcement and is in line with the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. These science-based training methods promote a positive relationship between the dog and their guardian (that’s YOU!). In addition, our training methods provide results that last since we are training your dog’s brain!

First, we assess your dog, your household, and your unique situation. Next, we develop a training plan that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Then, we provide you with the knowledge and tools to communicate with your dog. Finally, we provide our love and support to ensure you are successful in having your best life with your best friend!

Wondering what our qualifications are? Check out our About page!

…But don’t take our word for it

Lauren Cover
January 26, 2022.
Finding Amanda with Pawsitive Canine Services has been the greatest thing to ever happen for me and my dog, Molly. She’s a rescue I’ve had for 7 years and after trying other trainers, we just couldn’t get into a good groove. I needed someone who could meet me on my level and help work with me. Amanda listened to me and got to know me and my dog, and helped us develop a training program that works for us. Molly had dealt with aggression so Amanda gave me that space to get comfortable. I now have the best relationship with my dog that I’ve ever had. I was worried that due to her age, we wouldn’t make as much progress, but Amanda gladly proved me wrong. My dog is so much happier now that she’s learned techniques to self soothe, now that we incorporate more mental/physical activity that works for her little arthritic body. The time we spend training together has become an event we both look forward to now. I highly highly recommend this company to anyone looking for training!
Milton Harris
December 8, 2021.
Amanda was highly recommended by a groomer that we use for our German Shepherd (Raven). She was rescued at 3 years old without very much of her history. Raven was not socialized with other dogs or people. Amanda has been very successful in helping us understand the mindset of our new family member. Amanda had quickly gained Raven’s trust and our respect. Each session has been an great experience for us. I highly recommend Amanda for your canine training.
Carol M
December 2, 2021.
Amanda has been a tremendous help for me with my 2 dogs. She is very knowledgeable and has great suggestions. She concentrates on helping me to be successful working with my dogs not on having them perform for the professional trainer. She is generous with her time and sharing information and tips
Earlene Schanze
November 23, 2021.
Amanda is wonderful! She is so in tune with dog psychology! We learned a lot from her! Our 5 month old goldendoodle loves her!
Alex Wilson
September 22, 2021.
My wife and I recently got a new puppy, a mini-labradoodle named Penny, and needed to find someone local in Jacksonville to train her. We did a lot of research and spoke to several different dog trainers around town and felt that Amanda was the right fit for Penny as she was very knowledgeable and offered training at our condo at the beach. Amanda went out of her way to get to know everything about Penny and the issues /training that we wanted to get resolved prior to us even meeting her for the first training session. Amada arrived on-time and called to let us know she was getting close. The training and instruction that Amanda provided to Penny was incredible. The first session went so well that we ended up doing (4) in-home sessions and also her multi-dog course where Penny could learn to socialize with other dogs in a safe environment. Amanda does not only train the dog, she also teaches the owner how to continue the training once the paid sessions are over to help your dog develop better lifelong habits. The best part was that Penny loved having Amanda as her trainer and would get excited every time we saw her for the training. By the time we were done our 5 month old Penny learned how to sit, stay, shake, laydown, roll over, leave it and became much more social with other dogs. Amanda also worked with Penny on poddy training and within a week Penny was able to use the fake grass on our patio. We could not have asked for a better experience with a dog trainer and we along with Penny would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is looking to improve their dogs behavior and training.
Sandy Noble
September 1, 2021.
Amanda is absolutely amazing! Her knowledge and caring is just what we needed and more. She not only gave us the tools to succeed with our two hound dogs, but she has made a forever friend with them!
Lauren Maiello
June 4, 2021.
We did the 3-week puppy package with our 8 month old golden doodle. So happy with the results! Our main focus areas were getting along with our cat, basic commands (sit, down, come), crate training, and walking on a leash without pulling. Amanda was great with him and addressed all our concerns. Plus she has been very responsive afterwards with any questions we have run into.
Carlye Castle
February 26, 2021.
Amanda is absolutely spectacular! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking into dog training. She is professional, so nice, and is exceptional with dogs. She not only taught my Aussiedoodle a lot, but I also learned a lot along the way too. She keeps a very open line of communication and I love the pictures and photos she sends of things he is learning. I know my pup is in great hands and learning lots in Amanda’s care. Do not hesitate to contact her if you are looking into training!

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